A health app that puts patient needs in the first place and emphasizes self-control over personal health maintenance.


Timeframe           2 Weeks

Tools                         Pen & Paper, Figma, Invision

Project Type        Academic Project

Role                           Research, UX/UI Design

Scope of work


The project includes research and strategy, interviews with potential users and synthesis of finding. Creation of persona, list of users stories and task flow diagram.


Interface layout concept exploration, wireframes and prototype creation followed by visual inspirations and mood board ideas that translated into a digital solution.


User tests conduction of the digital interactive prototype, findings translation into design changes, led to the final product.


Refinement of Design question due to interview insights, and the final prototype of the digital product iterated based on testing results.


Healthcare and patient-centricity go hand-in-hand. To improve patient care services and achieve true patient-centricity, providers must deliver a seamless, personalized patient experience with the best possible care.

Patients' access to Electronic Health Records (EHR) and personal profile management online is a necessity. It will be also the main topic for this project.

Problem Space

Healthcare is one of those industries that everyone needs, but no one loves. It is one of the essential services that we all consume.

Though, how is it possible that less personally customized relatively to other industries and services?


Many times, patients are highly motivated to become more actively engaged in their care and well-being.

Project Goal






Provide a simple and accessible solution for a wide variety of users as possible.

Give to the patients' control so they can elevate their health.

Include engagement, so the user likes to use it continuously.

Make it flexible and adaptable to patients' needs, schedules and tech abilities.

Ensure full discretion in the sensitivity of personal data.

Performed Research

With an increased demand for efficiency and faster solutions, as a result, since the time EHR implementation began in 2009,


of providers have registered for the EHR

However, still, some challenges hinder EHR adoption and slow down the process for many. And on the patient end, Salesforce Research found that more than


are unsure how to access their health record

In-depth Interview

Interviews were conducted with 3 participants from different age categories, overall healthy (no chronic diseases) and confident using technology. I wanted to test my hypotheses and learn about users' previous experience using healthcare system technology related.

“I appreciate the possibility to have online access.
It makes my life easier. Using a phone is more time-consuming and complicated to call, to leave messages, to speak with staff and explain the problem.”

Anna, 33 years

“An online option is more convenient because I can see all the available dates, hours, physicians that can except me. The online option makes me tailor the desirable services to my exact needs.”

Olga, 62 years

“It is essential to have a digital record and available online. It makes my life paperless, precise ( i can forget or lose my hardcore records) and easy, mine as a patient, and doctors as the service provider.”

Jacob, 39 years

Insights and findings

Patients are interested in easy access to their health records and self-service options, rather than concerned about the breach possibility of their health records.

The elderly patients might have difficulties to access their health records and digital services online  due to challenges involving technology use

There is a need for immediate access to medical support/help/advice due to current reality, health concerns and busy schedules.

Patients are finding the possibility to access their health records online as beneficial to their health maintenance

Valuable factors in the patients' satisfaction are human connection, communication and involvement from a family doctor.

The deeper involvement of patients in their health improves communication between patients and physicians/doctors and makes it efficient and trustworthy.

Design Question

How might we increase patients' use and access to their health

self-services to give them full control to elevate their well-being

and health in the busy life cycle?


Alice Wise




Age: 36 years old
Occupation: Retail GM
Status: Married, +1
Location: Toronto, Ontario


Goals and Motivations

  • To be more self-aware about the health status

  • Keep her family healthy

  • When someone in her family sick, she wants quick andconvenient access to health care

  • To be more active in pursuing a healthy lifestyle

Pain points

  • Busy schedule

  • Pandemic restrictions

  • Inability to take sick days for all the family member when they get sick


 “ Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing.”





Alice is a working mom who is balancing her career with raising a family. She uses online resources for almost all aspects of her life. She is very self-aware and looking for the best and convenient choices for her and her family. 
Alice pursues a healthy lifestyle.
She enjoys spend time with her family in nature, read books, follow blogs about parenting, lifestyle and a healthy diet.
Recently Alice started to make 100% natural hand-made soap.



  • Alice uses a computer in the office during her work hours

  • Though the phone is her go-to tool to maintain her personal needs

  • She also uses a smartwatch for urgent notifications and healthy habits

  • Lifestyle

  • Parenting

  • Nature

  • Fashion,

  • Self-awareness

  • Time management

  • Healthy food

The story behind the task

I created a list of user stories based on my persona Alice Wise's goals and needs, with close attention to her pain points.  I choose the most significant epic and a user story to develop it into a task.


Alice wants a possibility to access the variety of health self-services so that she can be more aware and in control of her and her family's wellbeing.


My chosen epic is Personal wellbeing management, among 3 others:

  • Convince in health care reception 

  • Empowering doctor-patient communication

  • Efficiency in health care providing

Task flow diagram

Task: Set up a reminder for a booked appointment for a dependant family member.


Family Members

User taps on Family Members

Account Page



User taps on Immunization

User taps on

option icon of 

User taps on child’s category

Do you want
to make another

action on child’s

User types
in all and hits

Set Button

Reminder Setting




User chose

‘Set a reminder



Location Page








After sketching and two rounds of testing with all the feedbacks were transformed into wireframes.

Account Page

Appointment _Page

Family Members 


Family Members_2




Interface Design

A clean and bright colour palette associates with health care and provides options to distinguish between various areas of the app. Icons and illustrations add a friendly touch and support the content. The same is about typefaces, clean, san-serifs and generic cross-platform usage.

Visual Identity  







This prototype ready for trial

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