Three Ships Beauty is a natural skincare company that makes affordable, natural skincare products.

The company goal was to solve the problems we faced as consumers and create the most effective and affordable natural skincare products available.

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UI/UX Designer

Project Type

Consulting project


6 Weeks


Figma, Shopify, Pickzen and Octane AI

Project goal

Feature - Quiz skin - optimization

  1. To increase the consistency of branding and visual language across skin quiz.

  2. To provide feedback that builds a profile or compiles customer quiz inputs at the end of the quiz. Therefore, making it easier for customers to connect their issues with beneficial ingredients.

  3. To increase conversion rate and eventually a purchase rate.

Project requirements

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Research and Data

We decided to focus on three specific insights that had, in our opinion, opportunities for intervention and, as a result, project goal achievement and outcomes improvement. They are drop-off rate, conversion rate and most useable platform for interaction.




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User interviews and validation

“After all the information I gave to find just one product that covers just one part of my face, it feels unexciting.”


Renee, 32 years old

I am looking for trustworthy information that will help me to decide upon my purchase”



Dane, 27 years old

"Skin quizes gave me a good starting point of what to look for."



Regina, 39 years old

Would like to see explanation why I was given those products after completing the quiz.”



Sara, 33years old